Aside from his acting and dancing skills, James Reid is also a good singer. His sold-out concerts and albums are a testament to this. In fact, we got so excited when he released his latest album Palm Dreams because we know it’s something worth going gaga over. To add, James is also known to produce quality videos for his featured songs.










In 2017, his hard work paid off. Just before the new year rolled in, MYX announced that the video of James Reid’s Cool Down topped the MYX Hit Chart for 2017.

The video, which dominated the Hit Chart for 11 weeks, garnered the most number of votes in comparison with other videos of hit songs, both local and foreign.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s a video of James talking about Cool Down’s music video.




Likewise, his other song Turning Up along with Cool Down snagged the top two spots in the Pinoy MYX Countdown chart, and for good reason. The two songs are wonderfully made and sung. The music videos of both songs featured James with Nadine.

Congratulations, James!


Video credits: MYX Philippines (Youtube)