James Reid has always been very vocal about his love and admiration for Nadine. In fact, he mentioned during the recently-held press con for their Revolution concert that it is empowering to be with someone who exudes so much ‘confident’.

But more than words, James also shows his love for his girlfriend through his actions. Example: the way he looks at her. We are witnesses to his long stares at Nadine, be it on cam or during their kulitan moments.


Here they are, redefining the word FIERCE:



Another photo of them showing off their wacky selves:



Don’t they look lovable here?






In this photo, James Reid gives his wifey the lovin’ she deserves.




Isn’t he a cutie?









They have never looked more lovable!




The two are known for taking unexpected travels in places within and outside the country. Travel goals, indeed!



James has proven countless times what he’d give just to be with Nadine. Remember how he defied the odds and professed his love for Nadine during one of their shows?

Today, prepare to be smitten more by Jadine as we recount the times he has shown his deep love for his wifey. Hold tight and prepare to be mesmerized by James Reid’s undeniable love for Nadine Lustre.



In this video, James shows his affectionate side on national television and let’s us in on their love language.




And who could dare forget the time when he finally professed how he and Nadine fell in love? Their love story is definitely one for the books!