One lucky fan got the chance to sing with idol James Reid!

James handpicked Shane Maningding, a student from Cubao, Quezon City, from five other contestants of ‘I Can See Your Voice’ to sing with him onstage.

The rules of the game? Pluck out all the SEE-ntunados (non-singers) among the bunch. The goal is to pick out a SEE-nger who would then have a duet with you by the end of the show.

It was a fun episode. At the start, James had a hard time picking the right contestants.
















But he soon got the hang of it and went on to eliminate the non-singers of the batch. Although at the end, he picked Shane who, turns out, can’t carry a tune.

The two sang James and Nadine’s hit song ‘Hanap-Hanap’.










For those of you who missed it, here are James and Shane’s duet:



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Photo, Video Credits: @ICSYVPH (Twitter), I Can See Your Voice PH (Youtube)