Ever since the release of his Palm Dreams album, we have been hearing James Reid’s songs a lot. His songs have consistently been in the limelight. One of these hit singles is Cool Down, a sultry song that carries a stamp of EDM and a little bit of R&B. It’s no wonder it quickly became a mainstay in various music hit charts. It snagged the top spot in iTunes Philippines right off the bat after it was released.


















But have you ever wondered if there’s a story behind the song? Turns out, there is.

In an interview with MYX last year, James revealed the song actually speaks about a specific point in his life.

“The ‘Cool Down’ music video is one of three. It’s actually a story. It’s supposed to represent the time of my life when I didn’t really know what I was doing in showbiz. I just wanted to get out of the city, escape, run away with friends. In the end, you see Nadine,” he said.

“Nadine marks the time of my life where everything changed,” James added.

the two officially became a couple almost two years ago. James took the opportunity during their Jadine In Love concert where he professed his love for Nadine in front of eager spectators.





James and Nadine are set to conquer the same stage yet again. The two have an upcoming concert on February 9 at the Aranete Coliseum titled Revolution. Guest performers include Vice Ganda, Bret Jackson and Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo.