Three talented men in a single performance? Astounding.

Multimedia Prince James Reid joins forces with Sam Concepcion and Inigo Pascual on their ASAP performance last Sunday, March 18.

The three handsome men showed the world that they’re total performers through singing and dancing to Jonas Blue’s “Mama”.

Inigo opened the production number with his natural swag.

Sam used his groovy moves and soothing voice to sway the audience.

The audience screamed when James went up on stage.

Everyone loves it whenever these three perform together. The first time the three of them performed was last January 7 together with the Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo and Darren Espanto.

Because of the way they sound together, many fans wish to see more of these three, in a collaboration, perhaps.


Watch James, Sam, and Inigo’s performance here:


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Screenshots taken from ABS-CBN Entertainment YouTube