James Reid has definitely come a long way ever since his “Pinoy
Big Brother” days wherein he was hailed as the Big Winner. Now,
he is one of the most sought-after celebrities of this
generation, and there is just no stopping him!

The Multimedia Prince has an upcoming movie with Sarah Geronimo
and Xian Lim entitled “Miss Granny.” It is a popular film
originally from South Korea, and a lot of other Asian countries
have made remakes of the movie because of its success.

The story of the film revolves around an elderly woman in her
70s who mysteriously went back to being her 20-year-old self
after having her picture taken at a photo studio.

James’ character is the grandson of Miss Granny who develops a
crush on her younger self. The movie does not only have an
interesting storyline, but it also portrays important values,
such as a mother’s unconditional love for her child.

The Philippine adaptation of “Miss Granny” is directed by Joyce
Bernal, and it will be showing in cinemas on August 22, so watch
out for that!

Meanwhile, the main cast of “Miss Granny” has already started
their mall tour, and they certainly made the crowd go wild with
their live perfromances!

James, for instance, performed his latest single entitled “Right
There,” and the audience was more than happy about it as they
screamed loudly with excitement!

Who wouldn’t fall in love and react like they did when James is
serenading you like that?!

Watch his “Miss Granny” mall tour performance here!


You can also check out the trailer of “Miss Granny”!