The Multimedia Prince James Reid will be playing a very important role in the upcoming film, “Miss Granny.”

His character, Jeboy is the grandson of the lead character, Audrey played by Sarah Geronimo.

He has a passion for music. His grandmother is very supportive of this as she was also a singer when she was young. His parents however, do not approve of this as they think music won’t bring him any success.

As a singer and songwriter himself, did James Reid had any troubles in pursuing the path that he has taken?

This he answered in an exclusive interview on August 8 at the “Miss Granny” press junket. James shared how he can relate to his character, Jeboy.

“Well, he’s a musician and so am I, and he’s realizing his dream of being a composer and so am I.”

James started writing songs way back and last year, he was able to release a whole self-written and self-produced album, Palm Dreams. This album brought a new flavor in OPM and also bagged bigtime awards.


In the aspect of having struggles in pursuing his passion, James revealed that he never had any problems with his family unlike Jeboy.

“My problem was that I was stopping myself. My dad always told me I should do it because I didn’t see the potential in me,î he said.

Find out more about James and his character, Jeboy on “Miss Granny,” showing in cinemas on August 22! Also starring the Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo, Xian Lim, Nova Villa and many more! Directed by, Bb. Joyce Bernal.