The Multimedia Prince, James Reid will be playing an important role in the upcoming movie, “Miss Granny.”

He worked along with the Popstar Royalty, Sarah Geronimo, Xian Lim and even the vatican actress, Nova Villa.

James’ character, Jeboy is a wannabe musician. He plays the guitar in a band and also writes songs. Although his parents are very much against his dream, his lola (Nova Villa) is very supportive.

This is a family-oriented feel-good movie perfect for anyone who loves their parents and their grandparents.

On August 7, during the press junket held for the movie, James was asked by our team in an exclusive interview about the things that the millenials can learn from “Miss Granny.”

James said, “They have to see it from the perspective of someone in their twilight years looking back at life. Maybe the millenials will really take those chances, be more daring.

“We don’t wanna be that person looking back at their life [and say], ‘I wish I did this. I wish I did that.'”

Watch out for James as Jeboy in “Miss Granny,” showing in cinemas on August 22! Starring Sarah Geronimo, Xian Lim, Nova Villa and many more! Directed by, Bb. Joyce Bernal.