James Reid is now one of the most sought-after Filipino artists of this generation, and he has defintely come a long way ever since his “Pinoy Big Brother” days!

The Multimedia Prince has been very busy with his back-to-back showbiz projects lately, starting off with his new movie with Sarah Geronimo and Xian Lim entitled “Miss Granny.”

The film started showing in cinemas nationwide last August 22, and it has been receiving a lot of positive feedback ever since! Don’t miss out on the “Miss Granny” fever and catch it on the big screen now that it is on its 4th blockbuster week!

Right after “Miss Granny,” James immediately started training for his upcoming movie role, Pedro Penduko, wherein he will be working with his girlfriend Nadine Lustre once again.

On top of everything else on his plate at the moment, the Multimedia Prince has also been making new music during his free time, which just goes to show how passionate he is in his craft!

In fact, James revealed in a recent interview that he will be releasing a mixtape under his very own music label called Careless Music Manila this September, so stay tuned for that!

Despite his hectic schedule, the Multimedia Prince allows himself to have some downtime for himself to just unwind and escape from the fast-paced nature of the showbiz industry.

He loves traveling, so that’s exactly what he does during his free time! In a recent interview with Pikapika Showbiz, James talked about his crazy trip to Japan.

“A friend of mine joined me after 4 days of being by myself, and we went crazy. We were drinking every night on the streets, wearing Pokemon onesies. We went crazy,” the Multimedia Prince stated with a wide smile on his face.

You can definitely tell that James is the life of the party, and he sure knows how to have some fun!